Post number 3!

Hello again. Apologies for not being very interesting on this as yet!? Still glued to the dissertation for another week or so then I hope to find some time to learn a little more about WordPress and blogging in general. Meanwhile here is a little more waffle…..

I keep thinking ahead to what it’s going to be like once the student days are over. I did a PhD before I started training as a music therapist and it feels like forever and a day that the mantle of being a student has been my occupation. I suppose it was good in a way and mostly because I’ve been able to say that I’ve actually been doing something these past 6 years and not just been an ill person. That probably sounds daft but having something else apart from ill health has been more than a little sustaining! But it’s time to be brave and to leave the living room a bit more or at least to open the curtains a bit wider and to have a good stare at what’s going on “out there”!!!!

Ciao for now xxx


About Ultraviolet101

Musician, composer, music therapist, writer and all round nutty person. I get about in a wheelchair (or wheelie which is a much more friendly term!).
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3 Responses to Post number 3!

  1. Anabel Marsh says:

    Please feel free to ignore this – I nearly did but an afternoon waiting for the gasman gave me time to think! I’ve nominated you here as a Versatile Blogger because I wanted to encourage a new blogger. If you do want to join in, the links to the Versatile Blogger site are in my post. I see you still have a few days to go on your disserttion – good luck with that!

  2. Anabel Marsh says:

    I mean, of course, dissertation!

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