6. Snow, interviews of doom (slight exaggeration!) & Atos adventures.

Snow is funny old stuff. Stuff of childhood delight and now less so as an adult. Perceptions change and the snowy wonderland outside is little more than another barrier for a wheelie. I took a moment to feel nostalgic (for childlike glee), sad because I couldn’t go for a snowy walk and then just plain grumpy (default setting). Oh well …..

The interview has come and gone in a flurry of nerves swiftly followed by a hearty dose of self-recrimination (just the usual!). Skype meant I didn’t even have to leave the living room and instead 2 strange but friendly faces were suddenly peering at me from the laptop screen at the allotted hour late yesterday afternoon. There was the tiniest of awkward moments and then we were off into a place where I was valid and interesting (?) … to a place where I was listened to (!) …….. a place where I was taken seriously (!?). Yes you could have knocked me down with a feather!? (Actually you could knock me down with a feather most days if you really wanted to!). And there you have it! My first interview since 2007 was over. In case you are interested, it’s for a composer opportunity and I shall find out if successful in a week. I don’t expect anything but whatever happens there is the feeling of something beginning and that’s worth more than anything to me at this moment in time.

And so to Atos. Humph and grumble. The questionnaire awaits completion. I’ve had a quick skim through it already ….. gems like, “can you lift a 50p piece” ….. I know what they’re getting at and I’ll be the first to admit that taking free money these past few years makes me feel slightly uncomfortable but what else could I do?! It will be interesting to see where the questionnaire will lead. Do I have the famous Atos face-to-face assessment waiting around the corner!? Let’s see!

Back to the d-word that shall not be named at least until Friday when a whole new world of freedom (and actually finding out how to use WordPress properly) beckons. Hopefully.


About Ultraviolet101

Musician, composer, music therapist, writer and all round nutty person. I get about in a wheelchair (or wheelie which is a much more friendly term!).
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4 Responses to 6. Snow, interviews of doom (slight exaggeration!) & Atos adventures.

  1. Anabel Marsh says:

    Good luck with it all – especially the ATOS.

    • Hello again! Just wondered if there was a time limit on the versatile blogger thing you sent? Am I too late? I have more time to do this blog properly now! (And how are you by the way!). One last question ….. do you have a hosted site or just use the ready-made one? x

      • Anabel Marsh says:

        No – there is no time limit, if you still want to do it that’s fine.

        I just use the free site. I have ended up with three WordPress blogs and one with Blogger! I really need to do something about that. I’m fine – doing various voluntary things at the moment but starting to think about what I could turn into paid work, e.g. helping total beginners with social media. if that happens, I will need to think of a more “official” web presence. And how about you? Reading between the lines (well ATOS is not really between the lines) things don’t sound too good health-wise. Hope things improve.

  2. Violet_notes says:

    I’m using the free site too. Have been playing around with a few appearance things today but all very basic. I’m going to post the VBA thingie later today. Just trying to manage it into a post at the moment! I know what you mean regarding an “official web prescence” but I’m happy to keep things low-key for the moment. (Btw my other half is a web and graphics designing person). I like your idea regarding social media …. I have always tinkered with it but have lately found it becoming a lot more central to how I work musically and how I communicate. Good luck with it! x

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