8. The aftermath, being healthy, the Pope & the Bladerunner, even more bits of poor old Dobbin …. and Atos adventures (part 2)!

Ello. I do solemnly swear that today (being Tuesday 19th Feb) I will actually learn how to use WordPress properly and post more regularly. Promise!

I am now post-dissertation which has turned out to be a strange time of transition and muddled thoughts. I’ll find out the actual decision next Monday and meanwhile I’m killing time (the suspense is also killing!). But lots of things have been happening in the interim …. a new family member has appeared (surprise & joy), opportunities have opened up (shock & fear) and some good old-fashioned home truths have been acknowledged (about time too!).

The older I get, the quicker time seems to pass…. is this the same for everyone I wonder? I’ve noticed too that unless you actually get up of your nethers then nothing happens (one of the aforementioned home truths popping up to say hello!). In this way health stagnates until you find that you’re not trying any longer. And this is how I came to the conclusion that I’m actually accepting my current unhealthy state! That’s not good!

A recent house move has necessitated changing GP practice again (catchment areas and whatnot) and so last Friday I found myself face to face with a new male GP. In a nutshell oh dear! I have nothing against male GPs but this one did not endear himself to me and what’s more I seemed to make him nervous (I set off his nervous ticks poor chap). Perhaps it’s because I asked for things to happen instead of sitting quietly like I usually do. It just seemed the right time to try and make things happen so I politely but firmly asked to be referred to a physio and a dietician. Again, in a nutshell, oh dear! I don’t think you’re supposed to ask for things and after a few withering responses he blinked, took a deep breath and came back at me with his revenge ….. on the subject of my somewhat portly state. He is not wrong of course but the fact of being on steroids and a zillion other meds and not being able to walk and of asking for physio to help move about seems to have been lost on him!? I want to try and make the most of things so let’s see how this pans out and if the referrals will happen. Meanwhile I have booked a gym induction to see if anything is safely possible and am on the hunt for some hydrotherapy (and perhaps a bit more salad!?!?).

Last week was more than a little constantly surprising in a number of ways ….. amongst the home truths and confirmation of some exciting musical happenings the Pope threw in the towel, Pistorius joined the ranks of the fallen hero and the spread of more Dobbin parts into the food chain continued. I’m curious about the Pope in the way that a lapsed Catholic might be and wondered at the reasons for his resignation given that the tradition for most in this role is to drop in harness. Perhaps he’s being modern? Or realistic? Perhaps his brain is degenerating? Perhaps he’s just very tired and a bit fed-up of Catholicism and its need to shed the outmoded notions and wise-up!?

To Oscar who is/ was a hero to those of us with less than satisfactory legs came an unexpected incident involving the wee small hours, a beautiful woman and a gun (not a good combination as it turns out). The tragedy is the cutting short of a woman’s life first and foremost but also to the man himself and I’m left left wondering why someone in a gated community needs a gun? But perhaps this is a naive question from someone with only a limited knowledge of SA security and crime rates. Oscar seemed a certain way in editorial and TV interviews and that spark of petulance at losing the Paralympic race aside, this seems out of character. Such a shady and somewhat peculiar set of circumstances however and he seems on trial already …..

And for poor old Dobbin who is in our lives (and some of our stomachs) through no fault of our own, the testing rumbles on. So glad I’m veggie …

Atos?! The trauma increased and then was over in a matter of minutes and in the opening of 2 envelopes which were delivered simultaneously. One letter detailed the dreaded Atos assessment appointment and the second that the appointment had been cancelled in light of a letter from my neurologist. Oh well. Something less to worry about …. until the letter detailing the changes to DLA arrived ……. humph and grumble.


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Musician, composer, music therapist, writer and all round nutty person. I get about in a wheelchair (or wheelie which is a much more friendly term!).
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2 Responses to 8. The aftermath, being healthy, the Pope & the Bladerunner, even more bits of poor old Dobbin …. and Atos adventures (part 2)!

  1. Nic says:

    I enjoy reading your thoughts Mrs. I don’t know what your medical practice is like but I am able to make appointments with any doctor I like within the practice. This guy sounds like a bit of an ass – if he doesn’t do what you want him to quick smart, try and see someone else! Hope it works out soon. As for Oscar Pistorius, what an interesting but tragic story! Although I fail to see how the defense can say it’s “definitely not murder”. Fair enough about the contention over the term ‘premeditated’ but if it’s not murder, what the hell do they call it? I feel very glad to live in a country with so little access to guns! Nic xx

    • Thank you for reading! Haven’t really gotten a handle on the whole blogging thing and not sure if it really is just a place for self-indulgent waffle but looking forward to documenting the changes and adventures coming up in the next few months.

      I think you’re right about being able to see any GP in a practice. I didn’t register with anyone in particular and just seem to have gotten a bum one for starters!?

      It’s very difficult to imagine why Oscar P. might have mistaken someone in his bathroom for an intruder when you might argue that it would have been fairly obvious it was Reeva. It feels weird to be speculating on all of this but the justice system in SA seems very different to ours here and we seem party to a whole lot of detail already. I’m also glad we live in the UK where guns in the home are less commonplace as you say.

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