10. On being a shiny new music therapist, gym elephant and composer (apparently!?).

Hello! We seem to have reached post number 10 and also the third month of the year. Not quite sure how that has happened!? March it seems, wants to be busy…. there is quite a lot happening within the next few weeks and while this is a tad unusual in my recent life I must admit that the prospect is both a little exciting and also worry inducing. This does appear to be quite a common state for me these days. When did the young adventurer become a cautious big Jessie?! I think it crept up on me during the past 5 years! Oh dear!

Most big newsiness is that I am no longer a student (the dissertation being now passed and the title of music therapist claimed). I won’t actually graduate until July with the qualification and I have the urge to consolidate knowledge before proceeding. Sort of like when you pass your driving test but don’t feel very confident driving until you’ve been out on the road yourself a fair bit. That kind of thing.

Some new music was written last week for a new project wonderously made possible by Drake Music. I suppose I’m a bit rusty at this composing lark, not having used the muscle properly since 2011 when finishing Mr PhD. Music was written during music therapy training both for assignments and when working with clients or improvising with fellow students in the classroom. But this is a different music I think, or at least it feels like that to me. Composing music just for the sake of it has always felt a little self-indulgent. To be in your own head for all of that time processing your current muse does give you an overdose of the old id if you’re not careful. Music therapy balances this out which is why I love doing both!

Anyway, some new music was written and made into a sound file to be drop boxed to lovely dancer person who is going to create a choreographic response. Will I waffle on a little? Don’t want your eyes to glaze over! What we’re doing is a re-imagining (indulge me!) of Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons but with new music, dance and a few more bells and whistles. Did you know that 4 Seasons came with a sonnet for each movement? I didn’t until a few weeks ago! I have set the sonnet for Spring using vocal parts, woodwind and celesta, some pitches taken directly from Viv’s original score and some gizmo audio effects. All quite cosmic for me really as I’ve been mainly acoustic before. But hey! Why not move a little in a new direction while keeping certain sounds of a more usual Allori nature? Do I know what I’m doing? No! But it’s fun! The twist at the heart of this new creation is that I’ve selected some of the sonnet text and realised it in BSL (British sign language) which will be used by the dancer to inform her choreography. I’m not sure if this all sounds barking. I’m new at being taken seriously with the Composer hat on and the hat still feels a little big (I hope it always will!).

To more prosaic items …… I attended a gym induction towards the end of last week and can now claim to be a bona fide gym elephant. (Did you see what I did there!? Gym bunny’s not entirely accurate so I improvised!). It was a fairly peculiar experience from the wheelchair perspective made less painful by an awfully nice gym instructor chap who did not laugh or even smirk! Bonus! And tomorrow I’m going to try out GP number 2 at new medical practice. Will let you know how it goes. I’m going in with a small list ……. Oh dear!

Before I head off here is a photo of Suki the hound of many wonders who is currently sporting a very fetching new haircut ……. Cheerio! x



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Musician, composer, music therapist, writer and all round nutty person. I get about in a wheelchair (or wheelie which is a much more friendly term!).
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