12. Sock wars, s’now joke & the red peril!

The blasted snow is back and while the white winter wonderland it creates is truly beautiful I cannot now look upon it without my brow furrowing and the slow feeling of the creeping grumpies. It’s not unprecedented to have snow in March (or April and I believe we had sleet in June one memorable year!?) so no real point in grumbling but it’s fun though!? I take my pleasures while I may and from a practical point of view I’m stuck indoors. Snow + Elvis legs + a wheelie do make for an unfortunately high level of calamitous incident (with comedic value certainly).

Time seems to be doing that zooming blurring together thing again. I wonder sometimes if this is partly a state of mind? When you are somewhat down of mouth and not wholly living in the present…. something to ponder. Personally I’m not quite sure where the last week has gone. I think this has something to do with big scary trip to London on Thursday where composer hat must be worn and brain engaged. Gulp!

Doodles is currently shovelling the snow. Begone pesky white stuff! We have been inadvertently waging an unspoken battle during the past week. It was a sneaky pattern of warfare involving an innocent party (a pair of argyle socks) and different sides of a battle ground (the bedroom). During last week the innocent party has mysteriously been appearing upon my side of the battle lines ….. I have turfed them over to the other side on numerous occasions …. only for them to appear again on my side of the lines several hours later. This was indeed most puzzling until this morning when battle cries roared and victory was drawing near. “Where do these bloody socks keep appearing from!?” … “Err I thought they were yours so I put them on your side” … “They’re yours you great gherkin, your mum gave them to you!” … “Oh”. Battle began ……. war raged for 7 days with poor innocent socks regularly taking flight over the battle lines… battle fizzled to a stop rather pathetically. Epic stuff to be sure!?

The time must surely be ripe for the introduction of the Red Peril. Who!? This is a red garment wearing neighbour of kindly intentions and nosiness of such gargantuan proportions as I have never before experienced. Encounter 1 – 6 included greetings, can I come inside, can I come inside a bit further, can I tell you the splendid details of the previous deceased former occupant of your house, can I tell you about various neighbours intimate business and murderous intentions on the doorstep, can I sell you a time share ……..encounter 7 involved me fumbling about the front garden looking at the emerging spring flowers when a voice queried “where are you going?” … “Err nowhere!?”. Don’t worry I’m not being rude – just cautious! I’m a rubbish neighbour probably.

Going to shuffle quietly off now x


About Ultraviolet101

Musician, composer, music therapist, writer and all round nutty person. I get about in a wheelchair (or wheelie which is a much more friendly term!).
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