14 – General musings & London trip…

Still stuck at home with broken wheelie….. humph and grumble! I was going to change the header photo of Suki in the snow but as it’s still current (i.e. snow still features daily here in Gorebridge at the moment!) it remains in place! I’m imagining this coming week will be pretty static in comparison with the previous few but ebb and flow and a moment to ponder all of the happenings is most welcome.

And so to London trip 1 … which has been encapsulated by Danny Braverman from Drake on Storify. Have a look: sfy.co/fGsQ

There were 3 of us who have been given a platform by Drake Music where we have the opportunity to create a cross-arts collaborative work with an experienced arts professional. In my case I’ve been introduced to Sheron Wray and I’ve waffled on about the work being a re-imagining of Viv’s 4 Seasons in more detail in post 10 if you want a reminder (or to have your eyes glaze over for a second time!!!). The “lab” day was a coming together for us 3 (myself, John Kelly (@rockinpaddy) and Lady MJ Warrior (@LadyMJwarrior)) and our collaborative partners in creative crime. Ideas and visions for future works were shared and discussed and followed by a raucous jam in the afternoon. Marvellous! I met some really genuine kindred souls and it will be interesting to see how this all pans out for us. I have some video and more photos from the day itself so will endeavour to put something together myself very soon probably in post 16. More here soon! x


About Ultraviolet101

Musician, composer, music therapist, writer and all round nutty person. I get about in a wheelchair (or wheelie which is a much more friendly term!).
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