21. Oh dear …..

Short post from London ! Apologies for being (as ever!) a completely rubbish blogger! Summer went past in a flash and after a sleepy August (literally sleepy for I was mostly asleep!?) September has brought more musical madness. Glasgow Studio Orchestra is back in full swing, I’m joining Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra in October and am currently in London again for Paraorchestra rehearsals and concert later tonight. ‘Tis all completely marvellous and unexpected. I keep expecting to wake up on my former place on the sofa in the living room watching Buffy DVDs for the zillionth to find it is all just a very nice dream! But not actually a dream as did
E currently in a London black cab avec le very grumpy driver. He looked at the wheelchair, frowned deeply. I smiled sweetly and suggested “ramp?!” ……. “Mutter, mutter … (

Something no doubt very rude)” x


About Ultraviolet101

Musician, composer, music therapist, writer and all round nutty person. I get about in a wheelchair (or wheelie which is a much more friendly term!).
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